The Power of Fear

Believing anything is possible is not easy when a man is plagued with fear. He sees more of these things that are the embodiment of Impossibilities. He thinks negativities and he dreamsthinks negativities and he dreams known of unknown dangers all the time. Even if no one is pursuing him, this man is always on the run.

Fear operates always afar, away from the light. Fear is a coward needing the mind of a man to operates. It cannot stand on its own without going through human being. Instead of a whole man to think of a solution to his problems, he is compelled to focus on fear and fear and fear until he is left with no chance of coming out of his issues.

Just as there is power in faith, likewise, there’s power in fear . And until a man’s wholeheartedly prepared to confront his so-called demon known as fear,  he is not going to step into glory.

Think of many redundant talents and it is not surprising that these are wasted after having permitted fear to dominate and overtake.


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